KansalTancy is the Corporate Finance Advisory division of Senge Khabab Cosmic Private Limited (SengeKhabab.com). We help arrange all types of Debt and Equity from both Government as well as Private Indian/ MNC/ Multilateral Financial Institutions. We also help settle all types of debt – be it one-time settlement or asset restructuring.

Many MSME’s (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) today, are found to be short on statutory compliances and don’t carry healthy Balance sheets for taking Debt from Organized Institutions like Government, Private & Multilateral Banks or Financial Institutions. Promoters continue with the legacy of cash transactions, taking debt at high interest rates from moneylenders & conducting business outside company books to save Tax.

This very nature of SME’s and thinking of Promoters needs a paradigm shift, to enable them to grow to professional Mega Corporations by following prudential best practices and creating a presence in different countries across the Globe.

This is where KansalTancy comes in. We help optimize your Business, by curating healthy & compliant onshore Balance sheets & by developing your offshore component. If your company is already present in more than one country, we can also help create an efficient offshore structure which delivers fully protected transactions along with Tax savings. The offshore component involves intelligent use of Tax differentials & ease-of-doing-Business regimes for hassle-free Corporate Finance & Treasury operations.

For creating a truly global business, we make you think more on the Balance Sheet rather than the P&L (Profit & Loss). By the interplay of Capital & Liabilities between Tax-friendly jurisdictions, we help formulate an international Balance Sheet strategy for your company. In case the company’s debt is non-performing, we can settle it with the Bank. We also advise reconstruction of assets.

We hold expertise in all kinds of businesses, anywhere in the world.

The company is headquartered in India and has offices in UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and US.

Tushar Kansal, MD & CEO

Vandana Tolani, VP


Anurag Batra – Promoter, Businessworld

Rohit Bhatiani – Director, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Rajesh Jindal – Finance Director, Amazon India

Anil Parashar – MD & CEO, Interglobe

Arun Chhabra – Director, Grant Thorton Advisory Pvt Ltd.

Yogesh Gandhi – MD (South Asia & South East Asia), Asics

Sonaal Kohli – Promoter, Elara India Gateway Fund



Deepak Chatterjee – MD & CEO, IIFCL Projects (ex-MD & CEO, SBI Mutual Fund)

Jitendra Jain – Group CFO, Corporate Finance, GMR

Manu Taneja – Head (Asia), Director, GE Global Treasury

Maneesh Goel – CFO, PayU

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