Arrangers for all types of Debt, Angel Investment, Venture Capital, Private Equity & Debt Restructuring/ One-time Settlement

The company is headquartered in India and has offices in UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and US

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How KansalTancy Helps Your Bottom Line


We use onshore & offshore strategies to make your business compliant to Debt & Equity from Institutions & your business amenable to international standards


We have in-house expertise to help settle all type of stressed Debt – be it one-time settlement or for Asset Restructuring


We suggest ways to work in right side of applicable laws & get Legal safeguards, yet save on Tax by intelligent planning

Strategies we use ourselves

Offshore SBLC’s

Use of Tax heavens & DTAT’s

Onshore Companies

Offshore Tax differentials

Asset Protection

Corporate veils

Low interest loans in USD, Yen, Euro, GBP

Mezzanine Finance & Convertible Instruments

Subordinated Debt

Debt Refinancing

Hedging for currency fluctuations

Profit companies

Not-for-Profit Institutions

Cross-border entities

Listing in offshore exchanges

Debt Restructuring

Reconstruction of Stressed assets

One time settlement of NPA’s

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We’ll help you build an “Offshore Blueprint” tailored exclusively for your needs. Let us show you how to make and keep more of your money.

What do our Clients say about us?

I couldn’t be more pleased with the team at KansalTancy. Getting USD debt from Hong Kong backed by an SBLC, was an essential part of my offshore strategy, and their team made the whole process quite a breeze

Pratik Mittal

Surobhaya Pintex Limited

$52,800 in tax savings? Um, yes please! Thanks for all of your help getting my debt deal taken care of the right way.

Li Yut Sun

SEO Consultant

Tushar and his team have done just a fantastic job helping me obtain more freedom through listing on SME Exchange in Malta and then at Frankfurt. I would highly recommend their services. They are simply the best!

Mohammad Yunus

I worked with you because you’re the only guy I know online willing to use his real name and face… it’s trustworthy. And the ROI I’ve gotten has been great.

Elizabeth Jones

Founder of NewStylz

“Go where you are Treated Best”

With KansalTancy, you design your perfect global business… resident company of Mauritius, headquartered in Luxembourg, banking in Singapore, citizenship in Australia and real estate investments in Dubai…
Keep more of your own money. Live the life of your dreams.
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What you get with KansalTancy


Our growing UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, US & India team lives, works & advises overseas as well as in the country


Tushar Kansal travels the world to meet with top experts and share their information with you


We only use 100% legal strategies for your peace of mind. And your information is always confidential

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We’ll help you build an “Offshore Plan” tailored exclusively for your needs. We also get SME’s/ MSME’s fashion up for business with Institutions & on right side of Tax legislations. We also let you get liquidity by listing on offshore exchanges with complete compliance. Let us show you how to keep more of your money… and how to do more with your money

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